first visit & FAQ's

How old do you have to be to visit Rainbow Casino?

You must be over 18 to visit Rainbow Casino. The Rainbow Casino operates a Think 21 policy in England & Wales and a Think 25 policy in Scotland

Do I need to carry any ID when I visit the casino?
You need to bring ID on your first visit to the casino to become a member. We recommend you bring a driving licence or passport.

Do you have to pay on entry?

Rainbow Casino is free to enter and there is no cloakroom charge.


Yes, membership is required to enter all Rainbow Casinos but is quick and easy.

Membership is free.

New to Casino games?

Casino staff, hosts and dealers are on hand to teach you the rules of the games and ease you into your first experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always approachable and on hand to provide you with a fantastic experience at Rainbow Casino.

We offer various packages which are all tailored to suit our customer needs, offer fantastic value along with a dedicated host who will be make sure your casino experience will live up to expectation.

Is there a dress code at Rainbow Casino
Our dress code is smart/casual and relaxed.

Can I use my mobile phone in the casino?
  • Usage of mobile phones is not allowed in vicinity of gaming tables
  • No photos or/and pictures are allowed to be taken at the gaming tables
  • There is a bar and seating area, where you are able to use your mobile phone.

Re-opening after Coronavirus (COVID-19)

When will your casino be open?

We are doing a phased re-opening of our casinos. The dates of each casino will be announced on the casino’s web page and social media page.

Are your opening hours changing?

Yes, our casinos are reducing down from 24 hour when we first re-open. Each casino will have its own set of opening hours on its web page. The opening hours will be kept under constant review as demand and attendances increase so we can adapt accordingly.

Will I need to become a member now?

Yes, we are going back to full membership. Please bring ID such as driving licence or passport on your first visit. This will allow us to update any records we have for existing members too.

Can I still come in if I do not want to join?

No, unfortunately we will not allow entry to any persons who does not wish to be a member. Membership details will be used to assist NHS Track and Trace, but members can opt out from the Track and Trace Scheme.

Will I need to wear a face mask or gloves?

Following changes in Government guidance face masks will be required for entering the casino but certain games may require face masks and gloves such as Mah Jong and Cash Game Poker. Rainbow Casino will have face masks and gloves but customers are welcome to use their own. This will be kept under review and inline with Public Health and Government guidance.

How will you follow social distancing guidance?

We are limiting the number of people on casino tables and offer screens to players who wish to use them. The gaming machines have screens to protect players following the ‘1m-plus’ rule. Our staff will wear face visors and gloves in the casino and other staff will wear appropriate PPE.

What type of cleaning will you do to combat the virus spread?

The cleaning schedules for our casinos have been increased in frequency. We will be cleaning surfaces and touch points after each customer’s use, such as gaming machines, gaming equipment like chips and cards and restaurant tables. We are using anti-microbial fogging to kill and prevent any germs, viruses or bacterial on surfaces. There have been air purifiers installed that clean the air of any airborne contaminates. We are actively looking at different cleaning solutions and technologies to better help protect our customers and staff.

Will you be limiting the number of people in the casino at the same time?

We will be controlling entry into our casinos so that the number of people inside can safely enjoy our facilities. This may lead to queues at more popular times and we thank you for your patience.

Will there be tournament poker or cash games?

There will be no Poker Tournaments to start with and we will review this later. However, there will be cash game poker.

Cash game poker players will be required to wear face masks and gloves whilst playing. Rainbow Casino will have face masks and gloves but customers are welcome to use their own.

How will food and drink be ordered?

We will take food and drink orders at tables by waiter service. The menus we use will be single use and not reused.

Food service will be minimal to start with, serving a reduced snack menu. We will endeavour to offer our full selection of drinks dependant on stock availability with our suppliers.